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Welcome to our site! You'll find stories and tools regarding

psychiatric drugs, alternatives, tapering and withdrawal.

A grassroots initiative supported by the Network of Alternative Mental Health Organizations of Quebec (RRASMQ).

Do you want to hear stories about people who have tapered and come off psychiatric drugs?

Visit the STORIES section to discover the experiences of people who have undertaken a tapering process and increased their quality of life. The short film below offers some excerpts (english subtitles available on youtube)


Stopping medication suddenly or even too quickly can be dangerous. Tapering or withdrawing from a psychiatric drug requires preparation, time and support.  An open and informed dialogue with a health care professional is strongly recommended.


This site presents information and shares stories on psychiatric medication, the withdrawal process and alternatives for educational purposes only. This information does not constitute advice, encouragement or a recommendation to reduce or come off medication. The information presented should not be construed as professional medical advice. In the event that you use any information contained in this site, the RRASMQ and the authors disclaim all responsibility for the consequences of your actions.

Do you have questions about your psychiatric drugs?

Visit the MEDICATION section to learn more about their modes of action, short and long term effects and specific withdrawal effects. ​​​

Want to know more about the withdrawal effects of tapering psych meds?

Visit the WITHDRAWL section to understand withdrawal effects, ways to lessen them, and methods of tapering.

Are you looking for alternatives to feel better?

Visit the ALTERNATIVES section to discover ways that can help you regain balance. 

Want to discuss tapering medication with your doctor and those around you?

Visit the SUPPORT section to find avenues and tools to receive support.

Want to know more?

Visit the RESOURCES section to deepen your knowledge, discover resources in your community and other initiatives elsewhere in the world.

“People rarely have access to complete and accurate information concerning psychiatric drugs, their rights, alternatives, resources, etc. They have to search here and there, alone and isolated, often without finding answers to their questions. - a committee member

This site can support you in improving your quality of life!

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