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Gaining Autonomy and Medication ​Management

Taking, decreasing, increasing, adjusting, tapering, changing or maintaining medication are all possible choices to contribute to your well-being.  In order to help you make a free and informed decision, the GAM offers a guide ,  tools  and support  to learn about medication and rights, observe yourself in the different facets of your life, assess the role and impact of your medication and make decisions to improve your quality of life. In short, the GAM is a process of taking back control over your life!

The GAM was developed in Quebec in the mid-1990s, by service users, workers and researchers from the Alternative Mental Health Movement. The organizations supporting this approach are the Association of Mental Health Advocacy Groups in Québec (AGIDD-SMQ), the Network of Alternative Mental Health Organizations in Quebec (RRASMQ) and the ERASME research team. This approach is now being developed in Brazil and Japan.  

The GAM is a process for reclaiming power over one's life in relation to one's medication. While the approach is not necessarily for the purpose of tapering or coming off psychiatric drugs, since there is very little information on these subjects, this site aims specifically to equip people who want to reduce or come off their medication.

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