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Alternatives: RELAXATION


In this section, you will find resources and testimonials related to relaxation. 


Pause, Rest, Be: Stillness Practices for Courage in Times of Change .

Octavia F Raheem



Meditation can be a helpful practice for some, to help us metabolize our emotions and cultivate inner calm. There are many  different approaches to meditation and over time you may find an approach that works for you. Here are some leads. 

Insight Timer

an app with over 100,000 free guided mediations

RAIN: mindfulness meditation approach

4 Steps to Self-Compassion

1-Recognize what is happening; 

2-Accept the experience entirely; 

3-Investigate with care and curiosity; 

4-Nourish with self-compassion.​

RAIN guided mediations:


Metta, often translated as 'lovingkindness',  me​tta is a practice for cultivating benevolence towards oneself and others, stemming from the teachings of the Buddha. The idea is to send benevolent aspirations to ourselves and those around us. With practice, these aspirations can support us in difficult times.

Brief Instructions for Loving-Kindness Meditation

Metta meditations on Insight Timer

Heart Meditations with Tara Brach

Guided Metta Meditation  with Valerie Brown

Guided practice with Lama Rod Owens

True North Insight

Meditation center in the Insight tradition in Canada

Offers weekly meditation sessions as well as occasional retreats offered by experienced teachers

Queer Sangha

bilingual weekly peer-guided meditation group for people who identify with the LGBTQIA++ spectrum, on zoom

Reading, a way to relax

by Nathalie Lacroix translated by Google

Reading for me is a way to relax when I'm going through a difficult time. For me reading is when I sit on my futon and open a book and go to my bookmark. The book for me is precious because it can follow me wherever I go. Reading also allows me to learn new words. Instead of using the internet to fall asleep, I read my book a page or two, a form of therapy to reduce my stress, I bring my book to every doctor's appointment in the waiting room in the purpose of overcoming my fear of the great outdoors.

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