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Withdrawal from psychiatric medication is a subject that is seldom talked about and rarely addressed by health professionals. The silence and the taboo surrounding the topic deprive us of crucial information. Many people don't even dare to talk to their doctor or loved ones about diminishing their medication for fear of their reactions. Isolated and lacking information, some will taper in risky ways.

Why do people want to reduce or come off their medication?

There are a host of reasons:  

  • Some side effects are painful or unbearable  

  • The possible risks to long-term health are significant

  • Medication doesn't work for them or isn't effective

  • The situation that triggered the difficulties has changed

  • They have developed alternative and satisfying ways to deal with their situation

  • They want to know themselves without the effect of medication  

  • They prefer to adopt approches that act on the causes and the source of the problems, not only on the symptoms.


To arrive at the decision to reduce medication, several factors must be taken into account. The GAM personal guide is an excellent tool to consult for anyone considering reducing or coming off their psychiatric medication.  



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